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Zheravna is a little Bulgarian museum-village, situated in the Eastern part of the Bulgarian Balkan mountains.The village keeps more than 200 wooden houses from the Bulgarian Revival period. Some of them are older than the USA...

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Time has stopped here... You won't see people hurry for work or anything else. Life is passing with the typical tranquility of the mountain villages living. People of Zheravna are somehow over the everyday things - maybe a remain from the great past of the village.

The village now has ~330 houses and ~400 inhabitants.
The middle part of the settlement is at altitude of 640 m. a.s.l. The highest peak in the surroundings is Razboyna - 1128 m. a. s. l.

Zheravna is only 32 km away from the road junction Petolachkata, at the Sofia-Bourgas highway. The roads are in good condition, in winter season they are cleaned frequently from snow (when there is some). The climate is moderate and very cold or very hot days are an exception. Travel distances to Sliven, Bourgas, Varna and Sofia are as follows: 48, 100, 184 and 333 km.

GPS coordinates of Zheravna - the center:
N 42° 50' 01.9''
E 26° 27' 38.6''

Zheravna - street with typical wooden houses

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