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Zheravna is a little Bulgarian museum-village, situated in the Eastern part of the Bulgarian Balkan mountains.The village keeps more than 200 wooden houses from the Bulgarian Revival period. Some of them are older than the USA...
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Zheravna wallpapers

Wallpapers - pictires from Zheravna | Jeravna

© 2004-2006 Nikolay Dimitrov.

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FullHD (1920x1280) 2012

Zheravna, September 2012

Small (1024x768) 2007

Autumn in Zheravna Winter in Zheravna
Spring in Zheravna House in Zheravna
Zheravna Street in Zheravna
Zheravna - view on the village Zheravna, the house of Yordan Yovkov


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