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Zheravna is a little Bulgarian museum-village, situated in the Eastern part of the Bulgarian Balkan mountains.The village keeps more than 200 wooden houses from the Bulgarian Revival period. Some of them are older than the USA...
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 guest house
Prodanova guest house - Zheravna

 guest house
Guest house SVETI NIKOLA - Jeravna

 guest house
Yovina house - Zheravna

 guest houses
Milen-Prodanovi guest houses complex

 guest house
Guest house with pool Sava Kupetsa

 guest house
Guest house Dimcho kehaya cafe

 spa complex
Spa-complex Staro bardo

 guest house
KODZHAMANOVA house - guest house in Zheravna

 guest house
Guest house Mihalevi - Zheravna, Bulgaria

 guest house
Guest house Nikula Chorbadzhi - Zheravna

The house on the hill

 hotel complex
Hotel complex Zlatna Oresha - Zheravna village, Bulgaria

 guest house
Eco house - Zheravna

Hadji Valchev's caravansary

 guest house
House Kenara - Zheravna, Bulgaria

 single rooms
Guest house Polah ot minaloto

STARCHA tavern - Zheravna

Guest house Staroplaninska legenda

 guest house
Guest house Yunashki glavi

 single rooms
House Zhasmin - Zheravna

 single rooms
The house of Belberski - Zheravna

 single rooms
Single rooms DANI

 single rooms
Single rooms ELENITSA - Zheravna

 single rooms
Geshova house - single rooms in Zheravna village

 guest house
Guest house Hadji Gergy's house

 guest house
Guest house IV

 guest house
IV-2 guest house

 guest house
Guest house Once upon a time

Guest house The house with the vine

 guest house
Gust house Zarkova house

Guest house Babinata kashta (grand mother's house)

Bilata house

Dobromeritsa single rooms - Zheravna village, Bulgaria

 guest house
DOYNOV guest house

 single rooms

 art gallery
At the Painter's - art gallery of Hristo Todorov

House Konsulov - Zheravna

Radeva house - Zheravna village, Bulgaria

Starata kashta - single rooms

 guest house

House Zervona


Festival of the national costume Zheravna 2017

The dates of the Festival of the national costume in 2017 are August 18, 19 and 20
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